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Dwarf Lion

  • Dendrochirus Lionfish should be added to well established aquariums with plenty of rock work, caves, crevices and overhangs for hiding.

  • Lionfish are not reef safe and will hunt small fish, crustaceans, and anything else they can fit in their mouth.

  • They are hardy, undemanding and readily take meaty and live foods.

  • They have low metabolisms and should only be fed two to three times per week.

  • Care will need to be taken when feeding and cleaning the aquarium as Lionfish have venomous dorsal spines. T

  • hey are capable of leaping forward to inject the venom when threatenedd. Lionfish are nocturnal and generally solitary in the wild.

  • House with tank mates that will not nip at their fins.

  • Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish can grow to a little over 6".


We recommend a minimum aquarium size of 30 gallons or larger for this species.


Water conditions: Salinity 1.020 - 1.025, Temp (F) 72 - 78, pH 8.1 - 8.4, Alkalinity 8 - 12 dKH

Care Info

Care: Moderate

Behavior: Aggressive

Diet:  Frozen Food,  Live Food

Habitat: Reef

Light: Medium

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