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Special Request:


If you have an interest in an item that is not at the store. Please message our Facebook page or use the contact page. From there we will quote you on your item and try to get it with in the next one to two weeks! 


Acclimation Process:

Step One


Dim ambient light and turn aquarium light off. Light can be a source of stress for newly arrived specimens. For their well-being turn off bright aquarium lights and dim ambient lighting.

Step Two


Float your bag. Float the sealed bag in your tank for approximately 15 minutes. This will allow your specimen to acclimate to your tank temp slowly.

Step Three


Empty contents into a container. Gently empty out ALL the contents from bag into clean tub or bucket. Be extra careful when handling sensitive species that cannot be exposed to air. Use appropriately sized container to ensure your secimens are fully submerged. 

Step Four 


Drip Acclimation. Set up a drip line by using airline tubing, creating a syphon and tying a knot 3 inches from the end. Adjust the drop rate by tightening or lessening until approx. 3 drops per second drip into container from tank. Allow water to fill the container until water doubles. This should take about 30 minutes to and hour.

Step Five


Continue Acclimation Process. Once water level doubles remove Half the water contents and allow level to double once again . Suggested acclimation time should be between 1-2 hours. For more sensitive species these same steps can be followed with slower drip rate to reduce stress on the specimen. 

Step Six


Empty Specimen into tank. Using a smaller container scoop out your animal without exposing to air. Gently submerge into your tank and allow fish to swim out or manually place the less mobile specimens in desired locations. 

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